Yesterday 20 participants joined us for the crypto course of the Digitalcourage student group Bielefeld. In four hours they learned about the importance of privacy in the digital realm, how to secure their browsers and how to secure their smartphones.

Afterwards we went to the pub with some of the participants and had a relaxed end of the day with interesting discussions about different topics, like the student politics in Bielefeld and Magdeburg.

We thank everyone for joining in and especially the two speakers, who have come from far away to hold this workshop!

If you're interested in reviewing the presentation-slides and the handout, they'll be uploaded on the site of the student group Bielefeld under this link:

If you want to leave us some feedback, you can drop us an e-mail, or join our open meeting on the 5.12.2019 at 7pm in the basement of WH1. More information on this will be posted here soon.

Cover Photo: Digitalcourage, CC-BY